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Michele Engle CEO

Growing up in the family business, Michele has been exposed to all facets of its operations. 

Serving as CEO Michele provides leadership, establishes goals, and monitors the performance of the company.

Away from work, Michele is a fan of the UCF Knights!

Michele Engle ,CEO

407-339-8559 x1103


We are a privately woman owned company based in Longwood Florida that provides HVAC and Electrical services to the business community. We work in and around Orlando and Central Florida, and we have done so since 1976.

We have a dedicated and highly trained staff that are known to the majority of our customers on a first name basis. We work hard to earn the trust and respect of our clients, and believe that is what sets us apart from our competition.

Our clients range from small independents through to multi-national firms. We're changing everything for them from desk lamp bulbs, through to stadium lighting, ensuring that they will always have power, whilst keeping the temperature steady in their offices, workshops and tower blocks alike.

We run a fleet of specialized vehicles, to ensure that our technical abilities aren't hampered by physical limitations. We've got 99.9% of situations covered.

Behind the scenes we've developed unique systems such as our Asset Management Program to better assist our clients. Systems like these allow us to monitor client equipment and services, ensuring every dollar spent with us is put to work, and not wasted.

Our clients enjoy our ability to adapt to each project as needed, and we are as happy to provide a one off fix as we are designing and implementing a fully featured system.

We understand that our clients have a choice, and we work hard everyday to make sure that choice is CAC-CE.

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