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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered how routine business is conducted.  While guidelines from CDC and other governmental agencies have been changing, CAC-CE has elected to take the most conservative posture to protect both our clients and employees.  We shall continue to monitor health officials, and make adjustments as needed.

The technology CAC-CE has deployed allows continuation of services with minimal Client "in-person" contact which is the cornerstone of our Enhanced Social Distancing (ESD).    

Daily activities

  • Entire team takes daily temperature in AM & PM and monitors other self diagnostics.  Any deviation from guidelines results in clinical lab testing with appropriate followup.

  • Daily wipe down of equipment and surfaces

  ESD (Enhanced Social Distancing)

  • Donning of facemasks as recommended by officials

  • CAC-CE office will reach out to local site contact via email to let them know we are on en-route to site

  • Technician or Electrician arrives at Client site

  • Technician or Electricain to go directly to equipment and troubleshoot, conduct maintenance or otherwise assess

  • Repairs either made or approvals to make repair will be sought

  • Technician or Electrician will complete electronic paper-work and leave the site

  • CAC-CE office to provide followup or close-out to Client as needed

COVID-19 Resources:    CDC     ASHRAE

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