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Keeping Premises Tenant Ready

Client has 600,000 sq.ft. distribution center that was vacated and now sits dormant. Without recurring lease payment, operating costs needed to be reduced.

CAC-CE was engaged to assess overall condition of the mechanical and electrical systems and to determine what action could be taken to lower the operating expense, (without adversely impacting the equipment) while the building was unoccupied.

After conducting site surveys and running energy models, CAC-CE determined that modifying the frequency of service and altering the run time of both equipment and lighting would generate net positive savings, without any initial capital expenditure by the client.

CAC-CE recommendations were implemented, which resulted in a reduction of operating costs while maintaining the HVAC and electrical systems in 'ready condition' for the new tenant.

Hi Christian!

We have been very pleased with the service thus far. The technicians are top notch and we appreciate the constant communication. Our only suggestion would be to send 2 technicians on the next PM Service (if possible) so they can finish in one day. It’s a pretty big property!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Commercial Real Estate Property Owner

A distribution centre

With over 600,000 sq. ft. to keep going, careful planning was needed.

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