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Electrical Fire, CAC-CE helps out

An electrical fire meant that CAC-CE was relied upon to help the fire department and make sure everything was safe.

Once the damaged equipment was isolated, CAC-CE immediately took inventory of what was needed for the repair and made arrangements to redirect power from damaged components to temporary ones, working closely with the authority having jurisdiction.

Due to our outstanding relationships with both manufacturers and suppliers CAC-CE was able to immediately mobilize and have the new components configured and shipped with minimal downtime. CAC-CE worked around the clock to ensure the new gear was tested, energized and inspected prior to placing it back in service.

While our client did suffer downtime due to the catastrophic failure, CAC-CE was able to significantly reduce the outage, enabling them to get back to work.

Burned remains of an electrical circuit

Burned remains of the electrical circuit at the site.

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